Monday, February 21, 2011

Big Day at the Lightbox

Happy, uh, Family Day. (Don't laugh--It's nipping at the heels of Christmas.)

To celebrate this still-fresh statutory holiday, Toronto's TIFF Bell Lightbox is screening three films starring the Toronto-born Mary Pickford, and admission is absolutely free. The program starts at Noon, with Suds (1920); followed by Through the Back Door (1921) at 2:30; and My Best Girl (1927) at 4:30.

I wrote about My Best Girl (my favourite romantic-comedy, silent or sound) right here.

Also free is  iNSiDEaMiND's new musical take on Sherlock, Jr. (1924), one of Buster Keaton's best films. This screening also begins at 4:30.

My post on Sherlock, Jr. is not hard to find.


  1. Being a 'fed' in Ottawa, I worked. Did you actually Go to this free show? seems like alot of it was 'seens aready'

  2. I didn't go. The Sherlock, Jr. screening was interesting to me due to the new score, but my schedule was busy enough that it wasn't a must. Good on TIFF for screening Pickford's films, though. It's a good shout-out to her home city, and her work rarely gets this kind of exposure. I remain convinced that anyone who sees My Best Girl will be won over.