Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Kiss (1896)

My cheek, Dear,
to your cheek pasted;
                                dough applied to moistened wood
                                before the pressing.
My arms, my
Darling, round your bosom;
                                a squeezing corset,
                                quickening breaths.
Your nose—
                               Your nose,
Your eyes—
                                Your nose,
                                is poking my eye.

Then allow me, May,
to disengage and
slick the tapered ends of my mustache—
                                 with flourish please, John
—and clutch your head like—
                                 sale-price produce
—praise it—
                                 appraise it
—pucker and—
                                 brand it
—with star-turning,
scandalous, badge-making lips.


Where to find The Kiss:
The Kiss is among the many brief, 19th century films found Disc One of Kino International’s must-have, four-disc set, Edison: The Invention of the Movies. The film is preceded by a short commentary from film scholar Charles Musser. A grainier version can be found on YouTube.