Saturday, April 17, 2010

30-Second Review: A Fool There Was

Top Star Theda Bara            Date 1915           Category Melodrama

The Story
Predatory female Theda Bara embarks on a seduce-and-destroy mission against a prominent man.

The Verdict
Try not to root for the villain in this one.

Best Scene
John Schuyler, former lawyer and U.S. diplomat, now a disgraced, debauched shell, crawls down the staircase of his home, headfirst toward the floor. At one point he stops, eyes round and haunted, and pushes his arm through the spindles of the banister, as though they were bars. Soon, we see ‘The Vampire’ looming over him; the woman who compelled him to leave his family and, as her name implies, sucked him dry. She looks ravishing as she sprinkles bits of flower upon him, but it is no gentle gesture—the moment the petals rest on his face, she blows them away.

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