Thursday, March 25, 2010

Silent Mania

Confession: In addition to being the weird kid who liked silent films, I also grew up as the (semi) weird kid who liked professional wrestling. Maybe that's why I enjoy physical comedy so much--the combination of choreography and charisma (and violence, much of the time) really headlocks my attention.

So for me, this is neat:

For those of you who don't like professional wrestling (probably only three or four of you, I'm sure), the man in the wheelchair is 16-time World Champion, 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair. The mustachioed gent is of course Hulk Hogan. The small dude at the start of the clip is AJ Styles, while the big masked dude is Abyss. This clip is taken from a recent wrestling pay per view, which someone has revisioned as a piece of silent slapstick comedy, complete with intertitles. It's pretty convincing, too. The creator is clearly a fan of silent film.

Scheduling update: I won't be adding a new movie article this Sunday, due to travel. However, I'm hoping to deliver one the following day. Try to hold out 'till then....



  1. What's next? Son of the (Iron) Sheik?

  2. You get MAJOR points for that one. ;)

  3. If you are interested in silent films, take a look at the new episode from MEET ME AT THE CORNER, Virtual FIeld Trips for Kids (

    Ben Model, a silent film historian and pianist talks to kids about the importance of music in silent

  4. Ben's an interesting guy--I met him recently. Thanks for the link.