Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lammys Announced

Thanks to the good folks (or at least one good, anonymous person) at the Large Association of Movie Blogs (LAMB). Silent Volume has been nominated for a Lammy for Best Classic Film Blog.

And to think, when I decided to join the cinema-blogosphere more than a year ago, I was considering a blog dedicated solely to Chinese zombie films. Lucky I went with a more obscure choice. Always follow your passion, readers; the results are lush and fruity.


Hopefully I will win my category, but this is unlikely. Partly because my dreams have a way of fizzling, like so many ballgames near-won by Charlie Brown. But mostly because the competition is strong--I'm particularly outclassed by Lolita's Classics, the proprietor of which can write better than moi in at least two languages, one of them my own. Fortunately, She Focuses Far Less On Silent Film Than I Do, so if you need silent film commentary at all times, you simply have to keep reading me.

Should I win, I will keep my acceptance speech to 10,000 words, single-spaced, rich text format. Should I lose, the speech will be no more than 12,000 words, to be delivered by my agent, as I get wasted, crash an after-party before the chairs are set up, phone an ex-wife, then throw up in a limo... ideally my own.


  1. Great news - we're very proud of you Chris!

  2. Fantastic post on this film. I just recently watched this as an assignment for a class on Mass Media and was entranced by it. I love the anticipation that is built up during the length of this film. Even though I knew he would eventually marry the girl, I was piqued by the quest of it all. My favorite part has to be when he was readying himself to propose to Mary and she sat down next to him. It reminded me of the innocence of love and how spectacular it could be.