Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shinsedai in Toronto

Torontonians and beyond: The Shinsedai Cinema Festival arrives here in Summer 2012, and your support is needed.

The 4th annual Shinsedai Cinema Festival, showcasing new independent films from Japan, takes place between July 12th and July 15th, 2012, at The Revue Cinema. Ideally, the filmmakers themselves will be on-hand to present their films to the Canadian audience. For all their hard work, they deserve it. But that costs money.

Shinsedai's online fundraising drive is on now. The goal is $7,000: funds that will go directly to paying for roundtrip airfare for Shinsedai's Japanese guests. Here's the link.

If The Revue Cinema rings a bell, that's because it's home to Silent Sundays, the monthly series of live-accompanied silent film screenings I regularly attend, and blog about. Supporting Shinsedai means supporting The Revue, which means supporting silent film.

Japan's silent film legacy, I might add, is a rich one. The Japanese Silent Era persisted into the 1930s, providing an early outlet for legends-to-come like Ozu and Mizoguchi. Though very few works survive, those that do include some of the most sensitive and artistically bold silents ever made. Here are just three:

Tokyo Chorus (1931)
The Water Magician (1933)
Japanese Girls at the Harbor (1933)

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