Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tramp @ TIFF... TIFF's Bell Lightbox, specifically. For those of you in need of a yuletide break in the action (my hand is slowly rising from the keyboard as I type this), the Toronto International Film Festival is screening some of Charlie Chaplin's finest films. Up first is a double bill: Pay Day (1922) followed by Modern Times (1936); playing today and again on the 25th. Pay Day is one of Chaplin's very best shorts--my personal favourite, though I have yet to see his recently restored Keystone work, so I can't say, definitively, that it's his greatest. Modern Times is a classic of world cinema. Both films have been featured here on Silent Volume, so please give these posts a read before heading over to watch them again:

For more on TIFF's Chaplin lineup, which also includes some of his sound features, click here.

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