Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Silent Icon Enhanced

As you know, I routinely rack my brains for new connections between silent cinema and modern pop culture. I'm always thrilled when they're uncovered. If I could, I'd knock on every door and shout from every balcony: "SEE? This medium is alive! We must support it! Look me in the eye and listen to what I'm saying! Bust still, I can't keep abreast of everything.

Behold The Ultimate Vision. A Beyonce-esque Marvel Comics upgrade of THIS decades-old bland-droid, who clearly can't cut it in the cleavage department:

Here at Silent Volume, we know that The Ultimate Vision is really a substantially altered Maria Robot, she of the silent epic, Metropolis (1927).

Metropolis is a much bigger film than it once was, thanks to its recently re-discovered and restored footage. Marvel's just making sure the robot can keep up.


  1. The Heineken commercial from a few years ago was definitely a reference to Metropolis. I love finding references to classic films like that!

  2. Http:// I did a post about it.

  3. That is one bizarre ad. I'm used to beer commercials with two bros hauling in an errant rowboat, then opening a couple of Molson Canadians while babes ogle them for no reason.