Wednesday, May 12, 2010

30 Second Review: The Son of the Sheik

    Top Star Rudolph Valentino     Date 1926     Category Romance

The Story
Shirtless Valentino plays son, father, and feminine heartstrings aplenty in Saudi Arabia.

The Verdict
Don’t think, just watch; you’ll be fine.

Best Scene
Ahmed (Valentino) easily kidnaps Yasmin (Vilma Banky) from the thieves (mostly idiots) and transports her to his tent. He flings her on his bed like a piece of laundry. She recoils, then protests her innocence. Ahmed raises his arm to her (an uncovered bicep, specifically), then declines to strike. Instead, he strolls the room with a cigarette, and she grows enraged. Though there is no intertitle to confirm it, Ahmed clearly considers Yasmin a whore, and since she is not one, she fights him strongly as he grabs her for a kiss. “For once your kisses are free,” he tells her as the scene fades.

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